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Best OLED TV 2016/2017; Also 4K OLED

by Jack Burden and Robert Wiley

The contest is easy for this year. LG is the winner due to the fact that they are currently the only manufacturer of OLED TVs. This may change, but for the meantime LG has come out with an impressive array of OLED TV 4K offerings. You know I want one of these. They are just beautiful. We knew that OLED 4K would one day be a reality. I hope that LG can get production up enough to bring the price down. I haven’t been so attracted to a picture quality since the best Pioneer and Panasonic Plasma TVs. And these LG OLEDs are much better. (We have no affiliation with LG, just glad they are pursuing this excellent technology). All of the following models are our Best OLED TVs for the year.


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When you view an E6 next to a 4K LED TV, the first thing you notice is the immense and infinite black levels of the OLED TV. Yes, 4K LED TVs can still pump out a brighter picture due to amped up LED backlights, but it's no comparison in depth of blacks, nor in the way colors pop off the screen. The E6P is not inexpensive. It has 3D capability, perfect side angle viewing and all the upgrades LG has to offer. 55 inch and 65 inch models available. It has the picture in glass design upgrade.


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The B6 has a lower price point. It may not be quite as attractive nor have 3D but it has the same stunning picture quality, 4K resolution, and 40W Harmon Kardon speaker pagkage.


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LG 65EF9500

This is the macdaddy most expensive OLED TV on the market. It has HDR enhanced technology as one of the key drivers of the increased price. The 77 inch has not shipped as of this writing so it's available only in the 65 inch size.

2013 Picks

Sony 4K UHD TV

The color and clarity are simply amazing on this 4K OLED TV from Sony. Blacks are deep and color reproduction is very realistic.

This TV won our Best TV of CES 2013. We used to think of 4K UHD and OLED TVs as mutually exclusive and even wrote a comparison at 4K vs. OLED TV, but all that changed at CES 2013 when several manufacturers proudly displayed 4K OLED TVs. Sony seems more ready to ship OLED than any manufacturer except LG. However, whether they will be able to ship the 4K OLED is another matter. Regardless, this TV displays the best of OLED and the best of 4K TV technologies. You get the rich inky black levels and beautiful colors of OLED and the super high resolution of 4K UHD. It's really no contest at this point. This 4K OLED technology is so incredible that I would rather have a 55 inch version of this, than a 70 inch 4K LED TV. It's that much better.

LG 55EM9600 (55EM9700) OLED TV 55 inch

LG's OLED is an amazing TV. Movement is extremely fluid. Notice the bright colors, inky blacks, detailed brights, and smooth edges.

LG is ready to ship this model and it's already out in other countries. The 3D on this TV is passive rather than active, but it looks fantastic with or without 3D content. It will also enjoy that cool new Magic Remote with a very advanced voice-interaction feature. The screen frame is so thin it's barely there! LG displayed it in a slightly inverted curved version as well, but my guess that model will not ship soon.

Samsung 55 Inch OLED TV

This dynamic image from one of Samsung's OLED TVs provides amazing depth, black levels, peak whites, and detail all at the same time

Though Samsung kept promising a ship date of late 2012 on their 55 inch OLED TV, that never happened. They hope to have this model out in middle 2013. It's certainly impressive looking, with beautiful rich pitch blacks, and colors that pop off the screen. It's almost bezel-less as well. Samsung showed it at the CES show with the multi-view 3D function whereby two people can view different 3D content on the same screen at the same time. When I tested the quality, it worked without a flaw. How does the audio work with that feature? Great question. Speakers on the active 3D glasses handles is the answer.

Sony 55 Inch OLED TV

Sony's 55 inch OLED shows off the picture depth OLEDs are capable of. Bright whites and deep blacks are seen on the petal and in the background on this image.

Though Sony seemed to focus more of their attention on the release of their W900A 4K UHD TV, they also had a stunning OLED TV, not just of the 4K variety. They are the only manufacturer that has actually shipped and sold their OLED TV (a 24” model) in 2009 and 2010. I think they are ready to try it again. Blacks and colors are awesome.

Panasonic 4K OLED TV

The Panasonic 4K OLED TV presents excellent black levels in conjunction with brilliant color. This is the reason for OLED TVs.

Not to be outdone by Sony, Panasonic also had a prototype 4K OLED TV that looked about as good. But there was only one prototype, while Sony had theirs displayed in many places with lots of diagrams about the way it worked.

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